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Mitsubishi Attrage Full Body Dent & Paint

Mitsubishi Attrage Full Body Dent & Paint

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Services Included:

✅ Grade A Primer

✅ 4 Layers of Painting

✅ Premium DuPont Paint

✅ Panel Rubbing & Polishing

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does⠀a full⠀body dent⠀and paint⠀service⠀for Mitsubishi Attrage Full Body Dent & Paint⠀include?

A⠀full body⠀dent and⠀paint⠀service at⠀MyMechanic⠀includes⠀repairing⠀all dents,⠀scratches,⠀and⠀blemishes⠀on the⠀vehicle's⠀body. We⠀then apply⠀a fresh⠀coat of⠀paint to⠀restore⠀the car's⠀original⠀appearance.⠀The⠀service⠀encompasses⠀surface⠀preparation,⠀priming,⠀painting,⠀and⠀finishing⠀with a⠀protective⠀clear⠀coat.

Why is⠀it⠀important⠀to⠀address⠀dents⠀and⠀scratches⠀on⠀Mitsubishi Attrage Full Body Dent & Paint?


How do I⠀care for⠀my Mitsubishi Attrage Full Body Dent & Paint after⠀a full⠀body dent⠀and paint⠀service?

After⠀the⠀service,⠀avoid⠀washing⠀your car⠀for at⠀least a⠀week to⠀allow the⠀paint to⠀fully⠀cure. When⠀you do⠀wash your⠀car, use a⠀mild car⠀wash soap⠀and a soft⠀cloth or⠀sponge.⠀Regular⠀waxing can⠀also help⠀protect⠀the new⠀paint and⠀keep it⠀looking⠀shiny.

How long⠀does a⠀full body⠀dent and⠀paint⠀service⠀take?

The⠀duration⠀of a full⠀body dent⠀and paint⠀service⠀depends on⠀the extent⠀of the⠀damage and⠀the size⠀of the⠀vehicle.⠀Typically,⠀it can⠀take from⠀a few days⠀to a week⠀to ensure⠀a⠀high-quality⠀finish.

Why choose MyMechanic for a full body dent and paint service?

Choose Our MyMechanic for expert bodywork, using high-quality materials and meticulous attention to detail. Our top-tier service ensures that your looks its best. We suggest the best workshops in Malaysia, delivering exceptional results every time
Last Updated At:12 July, 2024