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Common Car Services Questions in Kuala Lumpur

What kind of car services do you offer in Kuala Lumpur

We offer a variety of car services from periodic car servicing, car care services, wheel care services, denting/painting etc at our 30+ highly equipped car service centres spread across Kuala Lumpur.

Why should I choose MyMechanic car services in Kuala Lumpur?

MyMechanic offers the best car services at the best prices in Kuala Lumpur. Not only you get a wide variety of car services to choose from. You also save up to 40% compared to what is charged at authorised service centers.

How is MyMechanic different from other car service providers in Kuala Lumpur?

At MyMechanic, we own the complete experience right from procurement of spare parts to quality control at our various partner car service centers across Kuala Lumpur. Our customer representative will be on ground duty promptly reporting every development directly to you.

Can I get my car repaired under insurance with MyMechanic?

Well, of course. We a vast network of over 30+ Cashless Claim Approved workshops who will provide you with top-notch car services and repair. We use 100% genuine OEM and OES spare parts for your car repairs. Nothing but the best!

Where can I book a car service with MyMechanic in Kuala Lumpur

Your car service is just around the corner in Kuala Lumpur.Book directly from our website or download the exclusive Mymechanic Android & IOS App (Coming Soon). Want a human experience? Whatsapp us on +6011-5418 2368

Does MyMechanic offer paint protection services for my car?

Yes, we do. At MyMechanic we offer Teflon and Ceramic car coating services. On top of that, you can also opt for our PPF or Paint Protection Film services to protect the paint on your car. We use genuine Meguiar, 3M, Turtle, Weurth products.

Why Choose MyMechanic in Malaysia

Car services offered in Kuala Lumpur

At MyMechanic Kuala lumpur. We offer a wide variety of best car services like:

Periodic Services

Denting & Painting

Batteries replacement

Car Spa & Cleaning

AC Service & repair

Tyre replacement & Wheelcare

Car Insurance Claims

Car Detailing

Custom Services

Windshields & Glass replacement

Light & fitments

Car accessories & much more.

Multi-Channel Customer Support

Our focus is to serve our customers with satisfaction. In this way, we work for availability on different channels to ensure that we are there to help you each time you need us.

You can call us or contact us on Whatsapp or chat with us on the website or you can email us well.

We Utilize 100% genuine OEM/OES spare parts

We have a reliable central spare parts inventory in Kuala Lumpur, because we can source genuine OEM/OES spare parts whenever your vehicle requires servicing.

We use parts produced or proposed by your car`s manufacturer.

Well-equipped workshops & dedicated service buddy

All of our workshops in Kuala Lumpur are outfitted with the high class equipment and mechanical get together. The best sorts of mechanical assembly in the business are used for all our workshops.

Our mechanics and service buddies are experienced and certified in diagnosing Nissan, Toyota, Proton, Perodua, Honda etc and all other brands available in Malaysia.

Appealing Price

We get a good deal on costs by our mass buying intensity of spare parts and consumables on account  of our dynamic technique and hold in the market.

Guess what! We offer the advantage directly to you! At MyMechanic we provide up to 40% Savings.

Uptown Service Support

If you live in Kuala Lumpur and by any chance, you have to get your vehicle upgraded in Kuala Lumpur. We will restore your car's history and inspect it in our workshop.

In case your car service is under warranty, then we will get your vehicle serviced from any Workshop across Malaysia.

Committed Service Buddy Consigned

Alongside our ever- prepared client care, in equal, we offer you a knowledgeable mindful assistance mate for your vehicle administrations.

They will be locally accessible in Kuala Lumpur and will help you out during the time spent over your car servicing. You could generally leave feedback for him and interface with him with no Issue!

Multiple Payment Options

Cash on Delivery (COD)

Pay after Service at Garage

NetBanking or Mobile Banking ( Coming Soon) 

E-wallets ( Coming Soon)

Credit and Debit Cards ( Coming Soon)